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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2013 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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the two years doesn't request any new positions. the budget is for more ftes. i didn't make a slide but we have noo. and haven't paid overtime and don't have is comm
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provide the community it serves with the appropriate services. this is an ongoing comment the department has and it's based on the need to carrying out it's mandatory on resolving substitutes within a diverse community. some languages have been translated up to 6 language.
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we have the skills necessary to communicate with the diverse community we serve. however, when a language is not assessable by a member of staff then the department used ten based on interpreters to communicate with the folks. the department recognize the need to communicate and sever our diverse community. we know that multiple language assess brings with it a new level of complexity. we have redesigned our systems and we track it to keep track of
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the number of documents we've been able to document. we have one example that is translated in another languages. as i can see from the chart we have made documents available that have been translated from 1 hundred and 91 documents to 3 hundred and 88 documents that are currently translated and available. this is a benchmark indicator to serve san francisco community as efficiently as possible. we have, however, numerous changes to the law and the information people need it's also constantly a changing target. related to its goal to - related
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to this is to improve our website so we're fully assessable to has much of the community as possible. lastly we're a regularly try agency and the way we conduct our work is based on the requirement of different regulations, legislation and legal mandate that we must follow. therefore we're always limited. we try to run it as efficiently and fetishly as possible. this includes to maintain and improve information deliver that is pamphlets and phone work. we work to increase the number
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of documents to make them as broadly available to the system we manage and lastly we'll soon be able to have capital petitions. i'll be happy to provide any additional information >> thank you for the great work of the staff of the rent board. i
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increase. but we'll have to be more efficient and we're hoping to accomplish that within the timeframes >> that could be more work for the staff. >> we're concerned as we track the performance we track the number of days that people have to wait for a position for example. right now we have that vacant
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position we'll be filling if down the road is inefficient then the next budget will be sufficient. we're concerned about that because it fluctuates and oftentimes that's a challenge we face and a okay colleagues any further questions? and a okay seeing none, thank you for being here. much appreciate. we'll take the consent on friday >> necklaces up the department of environment.
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>> budget and finance committee. i'm melanie. thank you for giving us the chance to provide our fy budgets. we run cutting-edge and wide programs. we work collaboratively with the departments and educate the public. excuse me. sf environment is a one shop stop to help to protect the environment locally. we develop much of the environment codes locally for the public >> i think your presentation will be up.
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so as requested i'll spend a few minutes talking about the housing environment arrest first is zero waste. we conduct the outreach on our proposition of incentives. we have the wait program that includes the implementation of the mandatory recycling ordinance and providing and monitoring cinnamons with the demolition. offer if you wouldn't mind activating the power point i think it's ready to go.
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along with dp w he set the rates for the various places in the city and spearhead other programs. a related program is around toxic reduction. it offers a variety of the public to expose of their toxic products. we provided information insuring with the least possible toxic products are used. we have the pest management plan for the property and we manage the safe disposal program and promote the hazard us home waste program. and also on this slide you'll
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see two efforts for the toxic waste program and school education. environment now is our green reservoirs on-the-job training and is key to educate the public on others topics. your environment team has helped with the bilingual outreach program for energy efficient. our school education program provides outreach programs to public and private schools and helps to teach how to protect nature. regarding energy the san francisco watch program is a public and private program which
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helps thousands of property owners and we provided support for homeowners this program offers rebates to provide an audit to help the homeowners ruse the use of energy. we have the sf energy map to help the folks learn l about solar. we're experiencing with group discounts through solar at work. regarding our climate program we have aggressive emissions program. we track the city's carbon and multiple programs. we are just about to release our
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climate action strategies that will talk about transportation and energy where we can see further reductions locally. i want to mention that our environment program is focused on lower emissions. recognizing our climate is changing we'll want to know what the long term and short term focuses are. the last program serve area is green building. the green building program helps with the assisting of the green standards. it provides innovative green pace program information and helps the city programs to get to the highest level of building standards.
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on this slide are 3 additional serve areas the traffic. we work to improve air quality by asking folks to walk or ride bikes. we can work with other agencies and this helps to make the city's fleet the greenest in the nation. we've been around a while and it helps educate the low income communities. we have the healthy homes project to assess and address health inequities for families. this program currently works with families to help with the healthy cleaning supplies and we've described $12 million in
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grant to help prompt a variety of sustainable program. the last one is urban forestry and nature. we foster environment and moisture the urban council. finally to enhance our work proposal we launched a proposal that will come up with strategies and policies for the city. the last program area to detail before we go into the budget is the green management program. it offers technical assistance from environmental experts to help businesses improve their businesses footprints
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. it looked like we lost the power point again. shall i continue - i know that today, this committee was interested in hearing about lingual and other tops. culture linguistic is part of the mission of our department. we're not able to sponsor board participation and in terms of the uptake of our programs and services unless we can communicate effectively with the folks of san francisco. our department has staff whose
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primary responsibility is to the cantonese spanish and other folks. our team spends over 5 house you hours to help with the highest need. a large part of our environment is to attend community events to highlight the policies and every year we attend 16 events. 20 percent of those are by our participants. their strategyly staffed in various languages and approximately 10 thousand members are reached every year. and in regards to outreach and education material on this slide you'll see some frshgsz from the
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check out material. we provided for the residential and commercial programs have other outreach programs that are not in english. we will, of course, continue to look for how to reach harder to reach communities. we're priorityizing and providing grants to communities based organized to help reach those populations. we are interested in broadcasting through sftv to reach a boarder population.
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so this slide here outlines our four primary source of funding. the impounded account is the largest source of funding. we have two plans for the corridor programs that accounts for our cigarette funding. and this slide illustrates our expenses which i will not go over in detail you have in our packet. this slide documents the departments approved budget it's 18.3 million. it's $16.6 million for fiscal year for fiscal 2014.
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i did want to mention there were two errors made in the budget before you it's an attrition of $24 million which was counted twice. those errors which total just over $749,000 will be changed. the prim budget is smaller for the next two years because of one of the latter grant. the board of supervisors has already improved $7.5 million for the discretionary from the budget to the following year. also the department is not proposing any new positions and
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doesn't spend any funds on overtime that were in conclusion the budget analyst has recommended $1,604,000 in cuts. i'd be happy to answer any questions you have. thank you very much >> thank you. claegdz do we have any questions at this time? we'll be back with you in one second. mr. rose >> mr. chairman on payment 11 of our report we report that our recommend deductions for 2013 and 2014 a $36,000 each. they're in an ongoing rescues as i understand the department does occur with our recommended deductions >> could you talk about the
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technical adjustments. >> mr. chairman and our office hat not yet received the technical adjustments from the mayor's office. that's the reason why you might note on page 7 of our report we show the departments recommended budget of 17 million 4 hundred and 2 thousand 898. all of our numbers with the official numbers. those will be adjusted downward but we have not seen them yet >> so the first technical adjustment is attrition of
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$494,000 that was counted twice. and there's also 3 hundred and - >> sorry. attrition was counted twice so you're going to have an increase in our budget of 4 hundred and - >> yes. i think from the slide. on the slide you'll see that - it's a little bit difficult to see but on this slide on 2014 there's $16.6 million and an additional of $794,000 and 9 hundred and a 74 it's added into there are. so the fy will be changed once the adjustments are made >> okay. and the second technical adjustment.
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>> $300,000 in work order fund which were allocate to the reserve funds. >> okay. we're going to hear about that more. >> colleagues any questions for the budget analyst at this time? >> okay. thanks for coming. >> thank you. >> colleagues we have some - mr. rose do you want to commit on those adjustments at this point or are you going to reserve. >> we'll look at those when we get back. normally we don't disagree with the technical adjustments >> okay. so colleagues i think we should do this when we have agreement with our budget nasty
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would propose they don't have to come back next week unless there's conflict. audits can we have a motion to accept the budget analysts recommendation. okay. so consider your scooted but if there's conflict we'll be in contact with our office >> okay. thank you very much. up next, we have our o e w d with todd
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>> i'm with the office of economic development. i'm talk about some fiscal out comes. i'm going to hand it over to the
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director of the workforce. and then the america's cup. for the overview we had in fiscal year we're down $3.9 million and the fiscal year down another million dollars dollars. it's mainly due to the $1.4 million crews ship removal. in fiscal 15 those are due to the america kidnap and due to the loan fund program and the removal of the work order for a project i'll explain shortly to go through some of the activities in fiscal 2014.
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the city had an employment rate of 9.4 percent which is the lowest in 5 years. we have a job rate growth and this is like 2.8 percent over the natural average. we see that that national growth is from business services to tourism and trade and transportation as well as manufacturing. we have a dedicated report on the merchandising like manufacturing. it strengthens our manufacturing. it has a protocol in licenses
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that allowed business to assess on line permits. this was launched in event and we've had almost a thousand users use this tool. this is in addition to the office that we do. this year we did direct services in san francisco over 1 thousand. we're seeing a marked increase in the film production for the film program. o e w d manages public and private projects this includes the warriors project. the large implementation
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includes a number of program. first, we is had two staff members that get out of city hall and go to assistant the folks in the neighborhoods. we continue to have that outreach next week. many of you know that small businesses are subject to lawsuits that relate to 88 cinnamons. this is to insure that their aware of any plant issues they have. we had 39 assessments and this is the program in fiscal fourteen where we're going to expand. this that mini program